lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

How beautiful is Hawaii???

It`s amazing more than maracaibo city…

What are you going to do after graduation???

I plan to get married with my boyfriend and
I like to travel with him around the world in our honeymoon.

What have you changed in the last five years???

I lost 8 kilograms in the last five years, but I don`t change my hairstyle neither do I Dress differently..

lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

what I haven´t done.............

He´s my boyfriend and we have 3 years together but I would enchant to marry with him.

I love China but i´m not visit this country, not yet............

I would want to meet Alejandro Fernandez and to have dinner with him. I have the hope to do it.

what I have done.............

4 months ago I Have been traveling to Europe Spain to visit my best friend Sonia and her nickname is Beba. She lives in Asturias and spends 2 months with her. She has the bronwn hair and the blue eyes, she´s very beatiful.